Unmedicated hospital birth. Arrived at hospital dilated to 6-7cm.

Doula providing counter pressure while mom is sitting on the birth ball and leaning over the bed. Dad is holding mom's hands and whispering encouraging words into her ear. The room is almost 100% darkness. All lights are off except the bathroom light out and away with the door barely cracked.

Mom and Dad working through the final two contractions in transition.

Doula providing counterpressure on mom's back while dad tells her how much he loves her.

Second stage! Mom is pushing side-lying while doctor attempts to apply an internal fetal monitor.

Monitor is finally in, and mom is pushing sitting on the bed with "butterfly legs". (feet together, legs fairly flat)

Doula is between mom's legs,holding mom's hands playing a sort of "tug-of-war" to help her move that baby down...while dad never leaves her side!
LOOK AT THAT SMILE! Baby is moving down nicely...what a strong woman this is!

Mom uses the squat bar and gets into a full squat position. She only used the squat bar for one push....because that's all that was needed and the baby was pretty well crowned!

OUCH! She says as the contraction ends. One contraction was all it took. She sat back on the bed and the bed bar was removed and the bed was broken down for the birth. Since light meconium was present, suction was needed and so she was required to give birth on her back so they'd have access to the baby.

Mom uses a mirror to see the birth of her baby.

The head is out! Suction has been done..and here comes the body!

Baby's body comes out...up and over all glistening and new.
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Umbilical cord is cut, and baby is ready to go to the warmer.

Dad and baby finally meet face to face.

The room is darkened again and a quiet moment is shared before the first breastfeeding. "Can you believe we did it, Honey?"

"Isn't our baby just perfect!" Yes...and aren't those smiles just perfect?

And finally...baby feeds for the first time.