A doula chooses to give birth for the 3rd time in her home with the help of a direct entry midwife (DEM). Mom's three daughters have the option of attending. The two year old sleeps throughout the birth, but the 5 year old wakes up for a few minutes towards the end of the birth, and again in time to announce the sex! The 14 year old woke up in time to watch her mom begin pushing, and even helped the midwife with some charting! To help them, mom and dad have also hired two doulas as well as invited two of mom's sisters to join them!

Mom rests between contractions.

Mom finds hand and knees to be a good position since she's having a lot of back labor.

Mom shows that she is still in good spirits as she smiles between contractions.

Dad holds mom's hands and encourages her with love.

It's beginning to take more effort to get through each contraction, and dad gives mom strength while the doula wipes mom's neck with a cool cloth.

Mom gets the only internal exam she will have until pushing. Mom expects to be 3cm dilated..and is pleasantly surprised to find that she is dilated to 6!

Mom takes a moment to herself, nervously accepting that she is entering transition. The baby is occiput posterior, which accounts for the tremendous back labor she has been having.

Dad helps mom through a difficult transition contraction.

The 5 year old crawls into daddy's lap and watches her mom.

Some cuddle time with daddy before she decides that everything is fine and she'll head back to sleep.

Mom's sister offers her encouragement as well.

Mom is complete and gets out of the water and onto her bed, but while laying down she does not want to push. Baby is still posterior, and mom's test pushs prove to be unbearable in this position.

The 14 year old big sister (oldest daughter) and mom's sisters look tired as they patiently wait for mom while she's pushing.

As mom gets off of the bed, she bears down as the urge to push finally becomes overwhelming. She finds a position that works for her as she starts to push. Her husband blows gently on her neck to help cool her off....this is hard work!

The baby decends as mom's pushes are very effective...but it is still posterior!

The baby rotates a full 180* while on the perineum to find an anterior position!

Quickly after rotating, the baby crowns fully...

..and birth becomes imminent.

The head is out!

The midwife gently cups the baby's head with her left hand while she checks for a cord with her right...she doesn't find a cord.

They wait patiently for the next contraction to build.

The midwife talks gently to the baby while reminding mom to blow..blow..blow..

An anxious dad helps mom prepare for the last push to birth her baby.

The contraction builds once more, and mom begins to push gently.

BIRTH! The baby slips easily out, followed by hindwaters.

The midwife does some gently suctioning.

A little more suctioning...

Mom calls her 5 year old daughter over to announce the sex of the baby.

The big sister looks at the baby closely...

... and exclaims, "It's a boy!"

Mom and dad are stunned that it's a boy...

Mom relaxes while dad cuts the cord.

The midwife checks the cord...all looks right!

The baby gets his first taste of mommy's milk.

Mom and dad admire the newborn baby boy.

Mom's little sister and the midwife lay down with mom to admire the newborn.

The midwife looks at the fetal side of the placenta.

The membranes that held the baby just moments ago.

The membranes being held up and displayed.

Dad gets to know his son.

Mom eats a healthy breakfast wihle the midwife prepares to weigh the baby.

A healthy 7 pound 14 ounce and 21 inches long!