A mom has a homebirth for her second child with her family, a midwife, midwife's assistant, and doula helping her. Includes pictures of her belly painting, belly cast, and henna belly tattoo.

Easter egg bellies!

Mom shows off her belly at 39 weeks.

A belly cast for mom to always remember what she looked like.

A hand-painted henna tatoo adorns mom's full term belly.

Mom and big sister pose in front of the full moon. She was born on the full moon, and they had joked that the new baby would be born on the full moon as well....it turned out that it wasn't a joke, it was a prophesy.

Early labor and mom enjoys a stroll around the neighborhood.

A quick doppler check allows them to listen to the baby's beautiful heartbeat.

Labor picks up, and mom begins to work harder through her contractions.

As labor picks up some more they decide that the bath sounds like a good idea.

While in the tub, big sister decides to help mom by bringing her some bath toys.

Mom gets out of the tub and works through transition while standing next to the bed. Her support group is never far away.

One last pregnant belly picture. Mom prepares for second stage.

Mom begins pushing in a full squat next to her bed.

Mom rests between pushing contractions by leaning against her birth ball. Supportive hands offer reassurance that she is doing a good job.

After listening to the baby's heartbeat, the midwife didn't like what the baby sounded like in that position, so mom was encouraged to roll over to her side and try pushing in that position for a while.

The baby begins to crown.

Mom stretches while the midwife supports her to prevent tearing.

The baby opens her eyes and gets her first peek at this bright new world.

A glistening (and crying!) baby slips gently into her family's life. The midwife immediately listens to her heartbeat.

As mom is handed her new daughter, some oxygen is blown near her face just to help her pink up a little quicker.

The family greets the new baby girl.

Big sister watches with interest as daddy cuts the umbilical cord.

The glow of a new mom holding her newborn daughter.

Baby's first meal.

The midwife examines the placenta while older sister watches. (a midwife in the making?)

The baby's home for 9 months.

Baby is weighed..and found to be 6 pounds 8 ounces.

What a gorgeous little princess!!