A mom gives birth to her first baby, a boy, with the help of an epidural and an episiotomy in a hospital.

After laboring at home for 3 hours with her doula, mom decides it's time to head into the hospital. She signs the necessary paperwork after arriving.

Mom finds the shower a great source of comfort and labors there for many hours.

After the doctor breaks her water at 8cm, labor intensifies and mom gets an epidural. Soon she is pushing and the baby's head can be seen. The white tube is a foley catheter....a catheter to drain mom's bladder since she has an epidural and is unable to empty her bladder.

After an episiotomy, the baby slips into the world..

A healthy baby! 9 pounds 9 ounces...good size boy.

Baby looks up, searching for the eyes of his mother.

A bright eyed boy take a look around at this great big world.

Baby gets love from mom and dad.