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    46 A hospital delivery without pain medication of a second child. Includes a photo of the placenta.
    15 A delivery of a first child at a naval hospital.
    17 A natural hospital birth with a doula assisting.
    7 A home waterbirth with a midwife, who is also the laboring mom's mother, in attendance.
    3 A scared first time mom gets medication and an epidural. No photos of labor or the actual birth, only immediately afterwords. Birth story included.
    8 A mom has an unmedicated delivery of her sixth child in a hospital in Canada.
    10 A 17 year old gives birth with a doula in a hospital without any pain medication. Includes a text birth story.
    20 One of my personally favorite births on my site. A beautiful home waterbirth with a 5th child while 4 older sisters watch on. Beautiful story, beautiful pictures.
    5 A home waterbirth, dad cuts the cord.
    19 Photos taken from the video Special Women of many different births.
    E A mom gives birth to her daughter at home in water.
    E A mom's 3rd birth, a planned homebirth, transferred due to high blood pressure after about 5 hours of labor. Upon arrival, her blood pressure is below her baseline! It stays normal throughout the birth, but she was already at the hospital so she chose to stay. This is a natural birth in the high risk ward.
    E A mom gives birth to a vaginal breech in the hosital.