A vaginal birth at a naval hospital of a first baby. Because none of the hospital staff was asked for permission to put this birth on the web, all of the medical staff's faces have been blurred.

Dad holds mom's leg as she begins pushing.

Nurse stands next to mom as the midwife helps a student with his first delivery.

The first peek of the baby's head over mom's belly as the body is birthed.

The student slowly pulls the baby out and tries to get a good grip of the baby before handing it to mom.

The baby is placed on mom's belly.

Mom comments that the baby isn't crying very much. The midwife then does something that shocks all in the room...she pulls up the blanket that is covering the baby, and she strikes him 3 times hard, slapping him on his bottom.

Dad appears startled that she is hitting his son.

Baby begins to wail, and mom says, "He didn't like that very much!" Midwife begins to laugh at the baby crying while dad returns his attention and affections to his wife.

Dad is handed scissors...

...and dad cuts the cord that supported this little life for 9 months.

One of the nurses (seen in the background with her arm outstretched) came into the room and sang happy birthday to the baby. Mom later recalls how touching it was and how much this simple gesture meant to her.

Dad goes to the nursery with the baby while mom births the placenta. Here the midwife applies fundal pressure.

It's the student's turn to apply fundal pressure.

Dad enters as the placenta is birthed, leaving the baby in the nursery. Dad, midwife, and student examine the placenta.

A happy mom and her baby are reunited and love each other...