Mom, who is also an experienced doula and childbirth educator, gives birth to her 6th baby at a birthing center with her family, doulas, and a midwife. A true knot is found to be in the umbilical cord!

Mom works her way through a contraction in the whirlpool. Her doulas and husband help comfort her.

Back counter pressure helps a hurting back.

Mom moves to the bed and works her way through transition.

She flips over onto her hands and knees and begins pushing. She ends up on one knee with the other leg up on the foot when the head begins to crown.

Here comes the head in a sploosh of fluid!

The head is out! Mom prepares for the final push...

A beautiful baby boy is born gently into the midwife's hands.

He is passed between mom's legs to her and she cuddles her brand new baby who is still connected to her.

Mom births the placenta.

Look at that knot!!! Baby was busy in there!

Now that the placenta is birthed, mom's older children help cut the cord.

Some quiet time for mom and baby to relax and enjoy the moment.

A healthy baby boy!

Baby's first meal.

What a cutie!