A mom has an unmedicated VBAC in the hospital, with her sister acting as her doula.

Eating mashed potatoes during labor.

The dad offers mom a lot of support and love.

Mom smiles at her sister while dad offer his baby a hug.

Even the hair can get in the way during labor.

Arriving at the hospital.

After being checked and found to be 8-9cm dilated, mom is put on the monitors for 15 minutes.

One last picture of a very pregnant belly!

...and one last smile before delivery!

Water breaks, and this is it! Time to push!

Doctor encourages mom by saying that the baby is very close to birth.

Mom takes a lot of comfort from her sister.

The head is fully crowned!

Born to the eyes.

Mom reaches down and touches her baby's head and gives one more push.

Shoulders are out and baby...

...slips into the world.

It's a boy!!

Mom is handed her brand new son.

Daddy cuts his son's umbilical cord.

Everyone marvels at the beautiful new baby.

Brand new baby boy...

...they grow too fast!