A first time mom delivers at a birthing center with a doula (who is also her older sister).

Shortly after arriving at the birth center, mom is sitting on the toilet leaning onto dad while he comfortably sits on the birthing stool!

They are working well as a team, breahting through the active labor contractions.

A very happy mom labors comfortably on the birth ball while dad sits next to her to help her through the contractions as they come.

Mom and dad nestle together on the birth bed as she approaches transition holding tightly onto the warm rice sock placed around her lower belly by her doula.

Mom is in transition, but totally relaxed and resting between the intense contractions.

"We're almost there. Not much to go. You can do this. You are so strong." --The doula comforts mom during her last contractions in transition.

It's time! Baby begins to crown.

Mom pushes hard as baby's head emerges some more.

Almost there!! The midwife checks the baby's heart tones one more time as baby's head is almost totally visible.

A close-up of a fully crowned baby. Mom stretches beautifully.

Birth! The nurse helps mom to lift her baby to her chest.

Baby's here! We did it! Dad is more than a bit teary eyed...

It's a girl! A wonderful discovery. Due to all of the meconium, the nurse suctions just a tiny bit more.

Mom and dad's first real look at their new baby girl.

After waiting until the cord stops pulsating, mom still tightly holds onto her baby as daddy cuts the cord.

Very proud but exhausted parents.

Here comes the placenta...

The maternal side of the placenta.

The midwife holds up the membranes so that mom can see how the baby fit inside.

Parents posed as a brand new family after the big event.

Sealed with a kiss.

Mom and her doula/sister with the new baby.

Mom and doula pose again with the new baby.

Proud daddy and his little girl.

She's almost 4 hours old as her aunt rocks her for the first time.

Nurse and dad giving baby her first "bath" before leaving for home from the birth center.

Mom snuggles baby before leaving for home.

The whole family pose together before leaving for home.

The baby tries out her new crib at home for the first time, 1 day after she was born.

Such a beautiful sight...baby gets a yummy meal.