A doula finds out at a prenatal visit with her midwife that she's 7cm dilated! Nervous, she makes an appointment for her midwife to come over to her home that evening and rupture her membranes to attempt to get labor started. It works, and mom delivers at her home in a pool only an hour and a half later!

Mom relaxes her way through transition in her birth pool.

Mom pushes very effectively while the midwife reaches into the water to protect her perineum.

Mom relaxed between pushes...

...and then she's back to the hard work of pushing her baby out.

Mom reaches into the water to where her baby's head is coming out. Dad watches from beside mom with excited interest.

The head is out...but now the shoulders appear to be a little stuck.

The midwife helps mom get into hands and knees (The Gaskin Maneuver) to help the shoulder become unstuck.

A glistening and beautiful baby enters into the world!

Mom rolls over and is immediately handed her new baby. Dad hugs her while she hugs the new baby girl.

Mom is elated. "I can't beleive I did it!" Dad admires his strong wife and his new daughter.

And baby admires her mommy and daddy.

Mom gets out of the pool to birth the placenta. The midwife holds the placenta up so that mom can see where her baby has lived for 9 months.

The baby is checked and found to be a perfect and healthy 8 pounds 4 ounces.

Big brother is introduced to his baby sister for the first time.

Mom is radiant.

The family has their first tandem nursing session...the family is all together, as it should be.