Mom chooses to have her second baby by elective cesarean at the recommendation of her physician due to the large size of the baby. Mom's first baby was also born by cesarean surgery.

Dad prepares for surgery by putting on his scubs.

The first incision has been made...and the baby will be here very soon.

The surgeon takes the baby's head into his can see the head if you look closely.

Pressure on the top of the uterus from the assistant helps the doctor get the baby's head out of the incision.

Here she comes! A new baby girl is pulled into the world.

The baby is suctioned while her cord is clamped and cut.

She is taken over to the warmer and wiped off.

The nurse gives the baby her first bath.

A beautiful 10 pound 9 ounce baby girl who is 21.5 inches long sucks on her pacifier.

Mom nurses her daughter for the first time.

Daddy cuddles her and smiles proudly.

Finally out of bed and sitting in a chair, mom nurses her baby again.

Even though mom is nursing, dad gives baby a bottle while still in the hospital.

A tired and happy mom takes her baby home.