Homebirth with midwife...first baby.

Mom stands in second stage, awaiting the next contraction. Dad is sitting on the bed behind her, waiting to help support her as soon as the contraction begins.

As a contraction begins, Mom bends down into a deep squat while dad helps her support her weight on his legs.

Contraction ends, back to standing. The room is completely quiet, allowing Mom to focus entirely on what is happening. She later said how good it felt to be pushing.

Back into a squat. Small grunts can be heard breaking the silence as she follows her body's strong urge to push.

Mom gets onto the bed so she can push side-lying. She smiles briefly at the camera. Dad remains by her side.

Mom reaches down and feels her baby's head.

The midwife applies hot compresses in an attempt to help the mom avoid tearing.

And the head is out!! Dad holds the mirror so Mom can see her baby's head! The midwife holds the baby's head cradled in her hand.

"We need this leg back and away so your baby can turn and the rest of the body can come out..."

The head turns while cradled in the midwife's hands...turns from looking at the bed, to looking at Mom's left thigh.

The shoulders come free...

...and the baby is out!

Baby is placed on mom's thigh for a moment, so that he can be covered by dad with a blanket.

Mom takes her baby and pulls him up to her chest while the midwife holds the umbilical cord between her legs to keep her from pulling on it.

Midwife checks her watch. "Mark the time!"

Midwife reached down and grabs the umbilical cord to see if it's still pulsing, waiting for it to stop before dad snips the last of the physical bonds connecting mother and baby.