A mom has her second baby naturally in a hospital with her husband's support. A leboyer bath is given after the birth.

The nurse takes mom's blood pressure while mom rests before the big job of pushing.

Nurse washes mom.

Mom is a very effective pusher. The nurse points to show where the head can be seen.

Nurse listens to the baby's heartbeat with a hand held doppler and earphones while the doctor watches. Mom is left to push how and when she wants with dad always by her side.

Baby moves down and begins to crown.

The doctor helps control how quickly the head is born.

The baby is fully crowned while mom rests.

There are the eyes!

The baby stops at the nose momentarily.

Just a gentle nudge to the perineum allows it to slip over the baby's nose.

And there is the baby's face!

The doctor tries to help the baby make the cardinal movements by supporting it as it turns its head.

Doctor pulls down on the baby's head to free the anterior shoulder.

The anterior shoulder comes free.

The doctor lifts the baby's head to help mom birth the posterior shoulder.

Here comes the baby!

Mom looks down and see her baby coming out of her body. She reaches down for her newborn...

She is overwhelmed as she pulls her baby up and onto her chest.

Mom and baby relax together.

The doctor suctions the baby's mouth.

A big 9 pound 9 ounce baby girl!

Baby is comforted by her mother's touch and warmth.

Two tiny feet stick out from the bottom of the blanket, as does the umbilical cord that's still attached but no longer pulsing.

Finally, the cord is clamped and dad cuts the final physical bond.

Mom births the placenta.

Dad goes into the bathroom to prepare a Leboyer bath.

The baby is gently lowered into the bath, blankets and all.

At first she protests being away from mommy...

But almost immediately she becomes very calm, and makes her first solid eye contact with daddy. She seems to be saying, "Hi daddy...this is nice!"

Her whole body floats in the warm water.

Big brother watches his little sister have her bath. He even gets his own hat from the hospital! (a little small for him...but we won't tell...) You can see big brother's birth here

Big brother helps bathe his baby sister.