A mom has a homebirth VBAC in her bathtub with her two children present. These photos are a combination of photographs and images taken from a video camera. When the video images are in black and white, that's because mom is in almost complete darkness and the "night vision" option is being used on the video camera.

Mom eats peaches in early labor.

Mom getting closer to active labor relaxes in the tub with support from her husband

Active labor! Concentrating while on the toilet helps her get through this stage.

Mom offers a smile to her midwife at 5cm.

Mom relaxes deeply in active labor as her physician rubs her back.

Labor picks up, and mom needs more encouragement from her husband. Getting harder to concentrate through them.

Oh no! Mom can NOT do contractions standing up...they are just too powerful!

Mom is back into the tub and baby's heartbeat gets checked by the midwife while the physician watches.

While mom heads into transition... the midwife and physician take a well deserved break for some pizza and beer. (midwife made a point that they shared A beer. heh.)

Laboring mom has a bonding moment with her mother inbetween powerful transition contractions.

Doula, Jenny, pours warm water over mom's belly as she struggles through transition with her mother offering her support as well.

Mom's physician and mother watch as mom gets closer to delivery.

Mom's belly shows the power of the contractions as it becomes an enormous ball of power. Mom hangs on through these last few contractions and gets strength from her husband.

As mom gets ready for her first push, her daughter is woken up and she excitedly waits in one of the bedroom chairs.

Big brother isn't quite as easy to wake up.

Mom got out of the tub for her last contraction in transition...at which time her water broke and she became completely dilated. One push on the bed brings the head down, and mom is ready for her water again! Dad and midwife's assistant look for the baby's head...

As mom climbs into the water, she feels between her legs. "The head! It's right here! The head is crowning! LOOK!" she lifts her hips to show her husband and midwife's assistant that the baby's crowned. (the bathroom is dark...this photo is courtesy of a flash)

Mom takes dad's hand into her own. "Feel the baby's head? That wrinkly thing...that's the baby's head!"

The bathroom fills as everyone anticipates the birth. Big brother Mikael kneels next to the tub and watches while big sister Kerstyn tells her grandmother, "I see the baby...there he is!"

Mom reaches down and goes with the urge to push...moving the baby easily down.

A flashlight is used to monitor the crowning baby's head while a doppler is used to listen to the baby's heartbeat.

Mom reaches down to guide the baby's head and control delivery...baby's head is 3-finger-width's crowned and mom keeps her hand on baby's head.

After only 15 minutes of pushing...mom decides to give it everything she's got, and out comes the head!! Midwife turns around and hands the doppler to her assistant...instead she needs a stethescope!

Dad asks the midwife, "What do I do?" Midwife helps dad check for a cord, and he unloops the cord from around the baby's neck. He says to mom, "Push.." and mom gives one last push...

The shoulders come free.....

...and dad gently lifts his new son out of the water and places him into his waiting mom's arms.

Mom is stunned..."I did it! Oh God...oh God...oh God...I did it! He's here!"

Mom cradles her new baby while dad meets his son and shows his wife how much he loves her.

Dad rubs his baby's head and a towel is quickly brought in to be placed over the baby.

Mom gets her first good look at her baby boy while midwife checks on him.

Dad looks down at big sister who is happily saying, "There he is! There's my brother.." Dad smiles, "Do you see him?"

Mom couldn't be happier...she did it!

Mom can't take her eyes off of him and she just keeps talking to him, welcoming him to the world.

A happy big brother gets a congratulatory hug from his daddy while grandma leans forward to tell her daughter how proud she is of her.

The doula found a precarious, but effective, place to take video of the new baby.

Even though it's only 2:03am, and it's only been 8 minutes since the birth, she is already getting congratulations from relatives. Here she talks to her mother-in-law on the phone...

Finally, after the cord has long stopped pulsing and only when mom says she's ready to get out of the tub, the cord is clamped. The midwife asks mom if she'd like the pleasure, but mom declines.

The second clamp is added.

Big brother (with some help from daddy) cuts the umbilical cord, completing the separation between mom and baby.

The baby is lifted up by mom into the waiting arms of his daddy.

The midwife makes sure baby stays warm in daddy's arms while he gets his first up-close look of the baby.

"See your baby brother?"

The placenta is pushed out...and the birth is complete.

There's your big sister and your grandmother, little baby!

"Yeah, Grandma...and I cut the cord!"

Big sister gets to hold her brother for the first time.

And now it's grandma's turn!

Baby is weighed....7 pounds 8 ounces! A great weight for a beautiful little baby with a full head of blonde hair and gorgeous dimples!