A mom has her second baby at home on all four's with her husband and the help of a midwife and doula.

The midwife's assistant presses on mom's back as she finds comfort laboring in the bathtub.

Changing positions, even in the bathtub, helps labor move more quickly.

Sitting on a birth ball is a good way to get a hug from your doula as well as counter pressure on your back from your husband.

Now it's dad's turn to get a hug from mom.

As mom prepares for pushing, the ball transforms from a chair to a useful leaning tool.

Mom pushes great, and the head very quickly begins to crown.

The midwife helps slowly guide the head to prevent tearing.

The head is fully crowned and the baby will be born soon!

Dad talks to mom as the midwife helps protect moms perineum.

Dad moves to behind mom so that he can see his baby being born.

Doula and mom both use the mirror to watch the baby slip into the world.

Mommy immediately rolls over and is handed her brand new baby girl!

The baby opens her eyes and calmly looks around to say hi.

Ah yes...now THIS is what life is all about! A warm mommy, yummy milk - life is good.

After baby eats, midwife and dad get a closer look at her.

Dad finally cuts the cord.

Dad weighs his daughter with the help of the midwife.

Big brother, who watched his sister's birth, gives her a kiss.