A midwife gives birth to her first baby in a hospital after laboring at home for the major of her labor. Mom's membranes rupture during her Bradley childbirth preparation class, about 24 hours before mom feels like labor has progressed enough that it's time to go to the hospital. No internals are performed until mom begins spontaneously pushing, 2 1/2 hours after admission.

Mom rests in a rocking chair. She finds this position unbearable, but remains for the electronic fetal monitoring strip.

Mom moves to the tub and finds her labor greatly relieved. Mom finds enough comfort that she is able to doze between contractions.

As mom begins to bear down, one of the nurses squeeze antibiotics quickly into her...she had previously tested Group B Strep positive.

Dad holds the fetal monitor on mom's belly while waiting for his first child to be born.

Midwife sits quietly at the foot of the bed and supports mom as she listens to her body and pushes with each urge.

Mom pushes and almost immediately the head becomes visible.

Mom keeps thinking that she needs to "relax everything..don't make fists"...so she consciously keeps her hands loose and open.

Baby moves down beautifully with each push.

Mom spreads her legs with her hands and bears down.

For a first time mom, she is very powerful and baby crowns in just a few pushes.

Mom reaches down and touches her baby's head...it's almost time!

The head is fully crowned and the head is about to be born.

Mom winces with the burning sensation as the head slips out.

The rest of the baby slips easily and and the baby is placed immediately on mom's belly, still attached to the umbilical cord. The new parents marvel at their baby GIRL!

Mom looks at her baby in disbelief as dad prepares to cut the last physical bond between mother and baby.

The cord has been cut.

Baby wails in protest of being out in the world. Vernix covering her is proof that she was 3 weeks before her estimated due date.

Baby gets wiped clean while mom remains overwhelmed with emotions.

Baby looks up at mom, and finds comfort in her face.

A proud husband hugs and kisses his wife and creates a moment that will be held in mom's heart for the rest of her life.

Mom births the placenta.

Baby gets her first real look at daddy. Despite her relatively quick trip through the birth canal, she has quite a bit of molding to her head.

Baby gets her first meal of mother's milk.

Mom, mentally recovered, is finally able to relax and just cuddle with her new daughter.