A mom gives birth to her 5th baby in a hot tub outside at her home with all 4 daughters and daddy watching!

Mom relaxes through active labor while 3 of her 4 daughters sleep (as well as the dog!).

Mom moves into the hot tub as she feels things are picking up quickly...this is about 2 hours before delivery. Dad stays by her side, remaining a constant emotional support. For most of active labor and transition, mom and dad are left alone...mom prefers it that way.

You would never know from looking at her face that mom is entering transition.

The midwife checks the baby's heart tones between contractions during transition.

One of the last few contractions before she begins to push, dad is her strength as she surrenders herself to the labor.

The children begin to make their way outside, knowing mom will start pushing soon. They are excited about the new baby that's about to be here!

Mom takes her shorts off quickly, and her grip on dad's hands tighten as her brow furrows and she begins to become an active participant again...pushing with the contraction. All 4 girls watch with excitement.

After only a few pushes, the baby's head begins to crown.

Absolutely silent except for the breeze blowing through the patio screens, mom begins to feel the head emerge. The look on her face shows the effort and the intense concentration she has while pushing.

Mom reaches down and gently guides the baby's head out into her hands. She takes a moment to feel the baby's head..to explore the features...

As the shoulders become free, she reaches under the baby's arms while the baby is still inside of her from the waist down.

A new soul is born into this world, gently lifted out of the water by mommy's hands and into mommy's arms.

While preparing to take the first breath, mom and baby take a moment to officially meet.

Baby isn't crying..so the midwife quickly checks to make sure the cord is still pulsing blood and oxygen to the baby. It is..and baby is pink and healthy (just doesn't see a reason to cry right now!). While the midwife checks the cord, mom sneaks a peek between the baby's legs. She looks up at daddy..."It's a boy it's a boy it's a boy it's a boy..." Dad looks stunned.."You're kidding!" After 4 girls, their first son is born.

The sisters meet with happiness their newest baby brother. (the 3 year old later says, "I was tired of girls.")

Baby looks up at mommy while enjoying his first meal. Big sister pats mom on the back and tells her that she's proud of her.

They were so used to girls, they hadn't picked a name! Dad gets the list and they choose the baby's name while mom and baby cuddle.

45 minutes after birth, big sister cuts the umbilical cord and baby is handed to daddy. Daddy finally holds and meets his son who looks up at him with very alert eyes.

Finally mom decides that it's time to get out of the tub. Only an hour and a half after delivery, she walks to the bathroom for a shower.

This boy is going to have a lot of love in his life! Happy birthday...