Mom, who is also a doula and childbirth educator, attempts a homebirth for her third child after two previous cesareans. After being completely dilated for about 10 hours, a hospital transport occurs and mom has a repeat cesarean.

Mom rests in the tub with her children while in active labor.

She remains well hydrated while in active labor. Her two sons enjoy spending this time in the water.

Warm water from the hose over her back, and counter pressure on both sides of her hips help mom deal with the increasing pressure.

Even going into transition, energy and hydration is important.

A beautifully pregnant mom gets out of the water throughout the day and takes walks.

3pm and mom's labor becomes more intense.

More water from dad, and more counter pressure from her support team.

4pm and in transition.

Mom tries yet another position to try to help her baby move down.

As evening falls, mom's frustration results in a good cry. It has been a long day, and exhaustion and frustration are taking their toll.

A cool cloth helps, but not as much as a good cry. Soon after this, mom's membranes ruptured and mom is found to be 8cm "stretchy to 9 1/2".

Mom squats with the support of her husband and tries pushing a little while the midwife attempts to move the cervical lip out of the way. It is too much for mom who tells the midwife to stop. Mom starts to try some's approximately 10pm.

Mom tries to sleep for several hours, giving the baby time to move down and push the remaining lip of cervix up and out of the way. She tries pushing some more, but the baby does not decend. She finally make the decision tht she needs a hospital transport, and they make the trip to the hospital.

Not quite 8 in the morning.

An epidural is placed and mom waits for surgery.

Surgery has begun, and the doctor makes a very generous incision. The abdominal skin is pushed up and out of the way.

The surgeons pull against one another to separate the abdominal muscles.

A retractor is inserted to pull down the lower half of the incision and keep the bladder and other internals out of the way.

The head is out and can be seen on the right side under the surgeon's arm.

The rest of the baby slips easily into the world. It's a boy!

Baby flexes as he is lifted off of his mommy...

..and is brought over... the waiting warmer.

A waiting nurse quickly dries him off.

A brave mom, who worked so hard to bring this healthy baby boy into the world, smile at her pride and joy.

He finds comfort in his daddy's touch.