A hospital birth of a third baby - it's a boy!

Dad offers love and support as mom sits on a birth ball and leans on the bed during labor.

Mom is in bed and ready to start pushing.

Baby has crowned beautifully. The wire coming from the baby's head is an internal fetal monitor - an electrode that is screwed into the baby's scalp to monitor the heartbeat.

Care provider supports the perineum as the baby moves to a full crown.

Head is out! Baby had a cord around his neck that was able to be easily unlooped - it can be seen hanging down below the head and the care provider's hands.

A healthy baby boy comes slipping into the world!

Baby is suctioned.

Dad cuts the umbilical cord.

A gorgeous baby boy looks grumpily at the camera.

He does not like all this messing around with him!

A proud daddy.

Baby admires his new mommy.

The whole family is together.