Laproscopic proceedure at 8 weeks gestation to remove tubal pregnancy

Please take the warning on this link very very seriously...especially the part of the rating that says that very graphic births are reserved for births which are "possibly very bothersome". This is a color video (no photographs) of a laproscopic proceedure at 8 weeks gestation. The pregnancy is an ectopic tubal pregnancy, and this video is the proceedure of removing the baby from the fallopian tube. If you know what you are looking at, it is highly graphic and disturbing. I thought long and hard before adding this birth...but I couldn't shake the voice screaming in my head that kept saying, "This was this baby's birth. For better or worse, tell this baby's story." So here it is...this baby's story. The baby is taken out of the tube first...and he/she comes out breech, so for a while all you can see is the lower half of the baby's body. The head soon follows as the baby "drops" out of the incision in the tube and that is followed by the yellow yolk sac. Please be warned that this video can be upsetting to even those who think they may be prepared for it..and I am not showing this video to sensationalize it, but only to tell this baby's story. I have warned you the best that I can, this is an extremely graphic video.