Attempted cytotec induction. Fetal heart tones dipped post-contraction...ended in a cesarean birth.

Concerned about fetal heart tones, the midwife calls in the doctor and an ultrasound is performed. Concerned about the baby should she try a full labor, a cesarean is agreed upon.

Mom is wheeled into the operating room...alone until dad gets there.

Dad comforts mom while preparations are being made.

A spinal is administered.

The belly is washed and prepped for surgery.

A line is drawn on the skin to mark where the incision will be before the clear surgical tape that will cover the entire area is placed over the belly.

The first incision is begun.

Incision is made a little deeper.

A cauterizing wand is taken out to cauterize any place that happens to start bleeding.

The layers of skin and fat and muscles are pulled back and away to expose the uterus.

Surgeon uses both hands to tear apart some of the tissues.

Another layer is exposed. The uterus can clearly be seen.

The last layer before the Amniotic membrane is reached and the doctor snips with his scissors.

What looks like a metal spatula with the edges curles is inserted into the bottom of the incision to hold open the incision. Doctor is preparing to snip open her amniotic membrane right now.

Amniotic fluid spills out of the edges of the incision...the nurse quickly suctions away the amniotic fluid (long tube she's holding at the edge of the incision).

Doctor reaches in and gets his hand under the baby's head. Baby's hair can now be seen as he's holding the head in his hand.

The head is pulled out!

The baby's nose and mouth is suctioned immediately.

And the rest of baby is pulled out of mom's uterus.
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Baby is suctioned again while laying on mom's legs/lap.

And baby cries a hearty cry as it is lifted up to be taken to the warmer!

Dad and baby meet for the first time.

What a beautiful baby girl! And so mad at being out in this bright cold world!

Mom meets her baby for the first time as dad holds her.

The fetal side of the placenta. I'm holding the amniotic membrane which held the baby up, and you can sort of see how it might have held the baby. The umbilicus is clearly seen.