A mixture of still photos and images from video...a first time mom arrives at the hospital in labor only to find that her baby is a frank breech. She delivers a healthy baby via cesarean.

Husband and wife arrive at the hospital, knowing they will leave mommy and daddy.

Mom is helped into the wheelchair that will take her down to the operating room.

Even though they have a doula, dad is mom's main support person and he holds her hand as they prepare her for surgery.

Mom's belly get thoroughly washed. The spinal has already been administered.

Mom's belly is prepared for surgery, and the doctor draws a line where the incision is to take place.

Before the first incision, the doctor tests the level of anesthesia by pinching mom with medical tweezers.

The surgery has begun.

Through the layers, clamps hold closed some points of bleeding.

On the other side of the curtain, mom and dad anxiously await their newborn's cries.

The tug to separate the muscles.

The doctor reaches in with his full hand to get a hold on the baby's bottom.

The doctor gently lifts the baby's bottom out of mom, being careful with baby's vulnerable abdomin.

Baby's bottom and back is born.

The doctor wraps the baby's abdomin with cloth to help with his grip.

He pulls to the side...

...and baby's right leg is freed.

A lift up and a twist to the other side...

...helps free baby's left foot.

They lift the baby's body in an attempt to free her head.

Her head pops free...she's here!

A bulb srynge is brought over...one of the risks of a cesarean is that the baby may end up with fluid remaining in the lungs that would have been squeezed out during a vaginal delivery, so they take precautions from that happening.

The baby's cord is cut...she is officially free and independant.

She is handed over to her nurse...

...and is taken to the warmer across the room.

A healthy baby girl screams to all in the room that she has arrived.

Baby is bundled up and handed to dad, who then takes baby over to meet her mommy. Mom cries as she reaches out to her daughter.

Baby is weighed...6 pounds 5 ounces and 18.5 inches long.

The family is together in the recovery room...so why is she crying?

Ah...that's better. She just wanted some comforting breastfeeding from mom.

Due to the baby's frank breech position, baby's legs take a long time to "unfold" and appear to stick straight out.