A mom has an unmedicated delivery of her seventh baby in a hospital in Canada.

An ultrasound shows a healthy baby girl sucking her thumb. Here is her hand and arm...her little head is above the hand, sucking on the thumb.

A brand new baby girl is pushed out.

A little floppy from the journey, but looking good!

She is turned over ...

...and placed between her mom's legs. Here you can see the umbilical cord wrapped around her body loosely.

Scissors are handed to the nurse for the umbilical cord.

The doctor demonstrates with her fingers how to cut the cord. It's obvious that the nurse hasn't done it very often.

The baby's umbilical cord is cut.

The doctor uses a bulb srynge to suction out the baby's mouth.

Baby is finally lifted up and onto mom's belly.

Baby was only 36 weeks, so she is still covered liberally in vernex.

Baby has her first taste of mommy's milk.

Baby is weighed....6 pounds 2 ounces.

A beautiful baby girl.