A vaginal delivery with an epidural in a Naval Medical Center.

Read this mom's birth story written by her as a letter to her baby after the pictures.

Mom prepares to start pushing her baby out.

The baby's head prepares to crown.

The baby's head is out.

The doctor checks for a nuchal cord.

The baby is suctioned. You can see the electrodes from the internal fetal monitor sticking out of the baby's scalp (red "button" looking thing on top of the baby's crown) and the red wire running from baby's head up mom's thigh.

The baby's head rotates to look at her right thigh, and the doctor begins traction on the baby's head to help pull the shoulders free.

The doctor pulls down to pull the anterior shoulder past the pubic bone.

The anterior shoulder is free.

The rest of baby's body slips easy out.

Baby is suctioned once again.

The umbilical cord is unwrapped for clamping.

The doctor holds one set of the clamps in his right hand.

Dad is handed the scissors and she cuts the final link between mom and baby.

Finally, mom is handed her baby.

Baby gets her first meal.

A happy mom and dad beam with pride while the baby nurses happily.

Certain things have been edited by the owner of Birth Story Diaries for the sake of privacy and lack of consent for certain names.

Georgia Loraine Dxxxxxxx
January 16, 2000
Born: 2:06 P.M.
8lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long
38 weeks+2days This is your birth story as I remember it anyway.

You were our last. We decided to have you shortly after a friend of mine was killed in a car accident and we realized that life was too precious to take advantage of. We always knew there would be one more to complete our family we just didn't know when. You were conceived on May 11, 1999. Your due date was January 26,2000.

I had morning sickness with all of your sisters but this pregnancy was more severe. I just couldn't keep anything down. We finally started a medication to help and my gosh was that great. I finally got to eat and enjoy. I even had some cravings. The Lone Star. Their salad with Honey Mustard Dressing and a good steak. Makes my mouth water thinking about it. Although I didn't gain any weight with you. As a matter of fact I was still negative 3 pounds the day you were born.

We had our first ultrasound when you were alittle over 6 weeks old. We wanted to make sure there weren't 2 of you. After having BethAnn and Brianna we were very cautious of that. There was just you. My next ultrasound came at 20 weeks. Your AFP came back alittle low indicating a slight risk of Downs Syndrome. We were given the option of doing an Amniocentesis but we declined thinking your life was more important. Besides if god was going to give us a special needs child he was certainly giving it to the right people.

Aunt Jeni came into town alittle over a week before you were born. We thought she wasn't going to make it but she made it with time to spare. All of your other sisters were here 4 weeks early. But not you, NOOOOO you were waiting for Aunt Jeni. You are her namesake kinda. We decided to name you Georgia Loraine for a lot of reasons. George is your Grandpa's name, Loraine is your Great Grandma's name and GiGi is Aunt Jeni's nickname. So you were named with a lot of love. I call you Georgie.

I was in labor for 2 weeks before we were finally given alittle help. On Saturday night the 15th I went to Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth VA because I felt the contractions were different. I was still 2-3 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced. I had, had it. I hadn't slept in weeks and was just tired. We knew you were going to be a big girl even though I was 2 weeks early. I was all baby. The doctor decided to offer and ending and we took it.

M***** M****** (my Doula), Aunt Jeni, Alicia Williams (a very good friend), Jesse, your big sister, and Daddy all came to wait and wonder when you would arrive. Donna Martin stayed home with your other sisters. At about 4:30 in the morning after being on pitocin for a long time they broke my water. Things got painful. I worked with the contractions for 5 hours but at 9 o'clock I was just done. I asked for the dreaded epidural. The man was a saint and very good at what he did. At 2 o'clock after some much needed rest for everyone I sat up and told everyone were were coming. You arrived after 4 pushes at 2:06. You were beautiful. You looked like just like Jesse only A LOT bigger.

You nursed right away and spent some time getting to know your family. Aunt Jeni passed out after a long night of no food and all the excitement. I just think she was in awe of the whole thing and maybe alittle overwhelmed. She loves you to pieces. She is your godmother. After I nursed you they bathed you. You did have an IV for 2 days because I am GBS+ and wanted to make sure you would be OK until the blood work came back. You were perfect.

The night we brought home, 2 days later. It was the first snow fall of the year. And boy did we get a lot. It was an awesome sight. We don't get snow very much around here. The girls even got to build a snow man. You lived at XXX Exxxx St. Norfolk, VA 23505. You basically slept, nursed, and pooped but we loved every minute of it.

Well that's it. That's your story. So you will always know you were planned, wanted, and dreamed about. OUR GEORGIE D*******.

Love, Your Mom