A doula chooses to have her baby in the comfort of her home. The baby is born in the caul...a sign in many cultures that the baby will have a blessed life and be blessed with "second sight". An unusual occurance, and yet here it is beautifully photographed.

Mom shows off her full term belly.

Mom relaxes with a drink and kicks her feet up on the birth ball while in labor. She is 5cm and in active labor.

Mom has a lot of wonderful support surrounding her for this birth.

Things start to get tough, so mom climbs into the bathtub. She finds strength in the women around her.

Mom lays down in bed and rests. Her daughter provides quiet support by laying next to her. Mom is found to be complete as she lays down and begins pushing soon afterwords.

Yeah! Mom is thrilled and everyone gathers as it's time to start pushing!

Our first glimpse of the baby's head...it's but a small spot of darkness.

But not for long...as mom moves the baby down quickly.

More of the head can be seen. Mom's membranes are still intact, and you can see them glistening over the baby's head as it moves down.

Mom does an excellent job of pushing.

The baby's head is fully crowned and still glistening as the membranes are stretched tightly over it.

The midwife continues to support the perineum as mom slowly pushes out the head.

The head is out!

The baby finishes its cardinal movements and choses mom's left thigh to rotate towards.

Mom waits for the next urge to push.

With her next push, out comes the shoulders. You can still see the thin transluscent membranes still hanging over the baby's head, shoulder, and even its arm as the baby begins to stretch.

The membranes rupture, and a new life enters into this big world!!

The baby is handed immediately to mom who admires and loves her new baby.

Everyone celebrates the joy of birth together! Big sister, who has been so helpful to mom throughout the labor, announces to the room, "It's a girl!"

The cord is clamped after it stops pulsing, and cut by big brother. The separation is complete.

Baby gets her first meal.

Baby is checked by the midwife.

The baby is weighed. WOW! 9 pounds 2 ounces...and 22 1/2 inches long! And barely a skid mark over the perineum to show for it....

Big sister helps with the first bath.

The midwife displays the fetal side of the placenta. There was found to be a velamentous insertion of the umbilical cord....where the arteries and vein of the umbilical cord leave the Wharton's jelly and "branch out" before connecting with the placental plate. This can make for a dangerous situation if you have a care provider who practices cord traction.

Daddy and big sister admire the new baby sister.

What a beautiful baby girl!