A mom gives birth naturally to a 10 pound 9 ounce baby in a hospital with her husband's support as well as her first baby. A leboyer bath is given after the birth.

Mom begins pushing, and decides to try side-lying.

Big brother hams for the camera while the nurse washes his mother. His birth can be seen here

Mom rolls over toward her back and a bright light is turned on.

The nurse listens to the baby's heartbeat.

After just a few pushes, the baby's head crowns fully! (notice: the bed has not been "broken down")

Birthing the head slowly helps prevent any tearng.

The forehead slowly emerges.

The head stops at the eyes, and the doctor waits patiently for mom to push the rest of the baby's head out.

The baby's ear slips free.

Before the head is even fully born, the baby navigates the birth canal and it's body rotates counter clockwise.

The shoulder is free (out down to the elbow)

With a large sploosh of fluid, the baby slips into the world over an intact perineum...not even a 'skid mark'. Mom says that she wasn't even sore the day after delivery.

A beautiful baby boy is welcomed into the world.

He is immediately picked up...all 10 pounds 9 ounces of him!...

..and handed to..

...the hands of his mommy.

Dad and big brother admire their new baby.

After waiting several minutes for the cord to stop pulsing, the cord is finally clamped. With the help of his father, big brother cuts the umbilical cord. He is waiting to give the scissors back to the doctor.

Mom births the placenta uneventfully.

The baby is lowered, blankets and all, into a warm bath.

Mom, dad, and big brother all give the newborn his first bath.

The baby seems enthralled with his big brother.