A mom gives birth to her first baby in a hospital with her husband's help.

The hurse holds the external fetal monitor in place while they wait for another contraction to build. The yellow tube coming out of mom is a Foley catheter..or a catheter that goes into the bladder so that it remains drained while mom is kept in the bed.

Mom is washed with a betadine solution, turning her perineum a reddish orange. The baby crowns beautifully.

Pushing is a lot of hard work!

Mom reaches down and feels her baby for the first time.

Mom's care provider helps to support the perineum as the baby's head emerges.

Fluid is pushd out of the baby's mouth and lungs as the head is born...natures way of removing extra fluid that might get in the way of the baby's first breaths. To help things even more, the care provider also suctions out the baby.

Rotation has occured, and baby is now looking at mom's right thigh.

A new life screams into the world. His hearbeat is listened to and he is suctioned some more.

Dad meets his son for the first time.

The family is all together. Mom gets her first good look at her newborn.

Baby's first meal.

The new family.