The black and white photos of a homebirth with a midwife. Includes photographs of the placenta delivery.

Mom keeps herself well hydrated - important for a healthy labor.

Mom gets loving support from dad.

The labor team keep themselves busy in the kitchen getting drinks and such for mom and dad.

As labor gets more difficult, mom finds herself litereally surrounded with love and support.

Mom pushes very effectively, and the baby begins to crown.

Mom feels the baby's head while she receives perineal support from her care providers.

And here comes the head!

The head rotates, and baby is about to be born.

As baby's body emerges, mom reaches down to help pull him out.

Baby is born...

and pulled up...

onto his waiting mommy.

The family is overwhelmed at the miracle they have just witnessed.

Daddy meets his newest family member for the first time.

The placenta slips out.

The placenta is placed in a bowl to be examined.

Baby gets his first meal, while mommy checks the cord that's still attached.

And finally daddy gets to hold him.

Getting ready to weigh the baby.

A good, healthy size!

Big brother listens to the heartbeat.

10 fingers and toes...PERFECT!

What a beautiful baby.