These photos are taken from the video Special Women by Injoy Videos (1-800-326-2082). Special thanks to Injoy Videos and Polly Perez for the use of these photos.

An epidural is administered by an anesthesiologist.

Mom reaches down to get her baby while the dad delivers him with the doctor helping to guide the dad's hands.

And all 3 sets of hands gently lift the baby into the world and onto mom.

The baby has crowned and the head begins to push its way into the world.

The rest of the baby's head slips gently out.

The doctor uses his middle finger to gently slacken the cord that is wrapped around the baby's neck.

Doctor continues to keep the cord loose and away while the baby's shoulders are delivered.

The shoulders are free.

After the shoulders are out, the rest of the baby slips easily into the world, the cord still loosely around the baby's body.

Time to go meet mom and dad!