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    25 Attempted induction ended in cesarean birth before a labor pattern is even reached due to fetal heart tone decelerations. Placenta photos included. Includes video of birth.
    44 A baby girl is born at 23 weeks weighing only 1 pound 2 ounces. She loses her fight for life at 2 days of age. Includes pictures after her death as well as funeral pictures.
    33 Mom in Korea is diagnosed with placenta previa earlier in the pregnancy. She schedules a cesarean, but a few weeks before the appointment she begins to bleed. A cesarean is performed that day. Epidurals were never mentioned as an option, and mom is put under general anesthesia. The dad (an American) asks for and is allowed to photograph the birth of his son. This birth occured January, 2001. Includes photos of the uterine repair.
    E A vaginal delivery of a breech baby...given the very graphic rating for the close up and very extensive episiotomy, the amount of blood, the clarity of the images, and the manner in which the birth was very medicalized (forcepts delivery of the head, etc). No obvious fetal difficulties are shown...this rating was mostly for the episiotomy.
    1 A single photo of a mother's uterus after a cesarean surgery being modelled by the attending surgeon. It is ready to return to her abdomen.
    1 A picture of baby with a mentum anterior position AND a face presentation "crowning" (or is it called "facing" in this instance?) Very few births have a face presentation..and of those that DO, 98% are birthed via cesarean.
    1 Please take the warning on this link very very seriously, especially the part of the rating that says that very graphic births are reserved for births which are "possibly very bothersome." This is a color video (no photographs) of a laproscopic proceedure at 8 weeks gestation. The pregnancy is an ectopic tubal pregnancy, and this video is the proceedure of removing the baby from the fallopian tube.
    1 This photo demonstrates how an intact perineum can perform the heimleich maneuver on a baby.