A doula has her third baby in a hospital with a midwife, her husband, and two doulas in attendance. Mom's first baby was born with a 3rd degree episiotomy...her second baby was born without pushing (mom stood up and baby crowned immediately) which resulted in a 3rd degree tear. This baby was between posterior and transverse during labor, and rotated visually almost 180 degrees while crowned and on the perineum.

Mom puts her hand on her crowning baby's head in an attempt to do controlled and slow pushing.

Baby is fully crowned and bulging...birth is imminent.

Mom blows gently as the baby's forehead begins to emerge. The midwife protects the perineum in hopes of avoiding the tears that mom had experienced last time.

Wow! This is not a little baby! As the head emerges, the midwife finds a nuchal cord (cord around baby's neck) one time, and she easily unloops the cord which can now be seen hanging by the baby's shoulder, and a new life slips into the world.

Mom reaches down and helps pull her baby up onto her belly. A blue cord can be seen in the midwife's hand as they try and unloop it from around the baby's body and legs.

Mom and dad admire their new baby boy.

A big healthy baby cries to mom and dad. He is weighed and measured... 10 pounds 4.4 ounces and 22 inches long!

A thrilled doula proudly holds the baby boy.

Big sister and big brother finally meet the new family member.

Mom and baby snuggle.