A mom has her first baby in a hospital with her husband's support. Mom receives IV pain medication.

Mom rests, preparing to push. Dad wipes her brow with a cool washcloth.

Mom starts to push. The first glimpse of head can start to be seen.

Mom rests again. Dad helps mom with a sip of water.

The nurse holds a mirror for mom so she can see while pushing.

Mom pushes effectively...

...and with each push...

...more and more head can be seen.

Dad helps hold mom's legs while the nurse breaks down the bed. Between contractions the baby's head slips back up so that it's not even visible.

After breaking down the bed, the nurse washes mom with a soapy solution.

The doctor finally enters and puts on his gloves and gown.

Dad holds the mirror for mom so mom can see her baby's head.

The nurse tries to listen to the fetal heart tones with the external fetal monitor while mom rests between pushes. Again the head moves back up and disappears.

Mom pushes very effectively, and the doctor provides slight pressure to control the speed of the delivery.

Baby's head crowns nicely...while the nurse tries to get the baby's heart tones with a hand held doppler. Baby sounds great!

The eyebrows slip over the perineum..

There's the nose!

The head is out! The doctor tries to help the baby rotate to look at mom's right thigh...

But the baby wants ...

..to look at mom's left thigh instead.

Baby is suctioned (red bulb being held by the nurses hand towards the top)

The doctor checks to see if there is an umbilical cord around the baby's neck. There isn't.

Everyone waits for mom to push again.

As mom starts to push, the doctor pulls down to help loosen the anterior shoulder.

As the anterior shoulder becomes free, the doctor pulls the baby up, to free the posterior shoulder.

The baby's shoulders are free...

..and the baby slips...

...easily into the world, followed by a gush of fluid.

The baby is suctioned once more.

Mom is handed her brand new baby boy!

Mom cradles the baby's head in her hand and cries with delight.

"I did it.."

After the cord stops pulsing, the doctor clamps it and dad cuts the baby's cord.

The doctor feels inside to see if the placenta is free. It isn't, so he waits.

The doctor feels her fundus whle applying light cord traction.

The placenta is free...

...and it slips easily out...

...and into

...the waiting tray.

The nurse checks to make sure the entire placenta is intact.

The nurse shows off the fetal side of the placenta. You can see the umbilical cord hanging over the side of the placenta (the white line)