Mom, who is also an experienced doula and childbirth educator, gives birth to her 7th baby at home with her entire family, midwife, and several doulas. Placenta prints are done after the birth, and mom tandem nurses!

Labor begins to become intense, so mom chooses to labor in the tub. She finds comfort in holding her husband's hands while leaning her head against her doula's shoulder.

The jets in the tub really help.

Mom reclines and smiles at her doula. Today is the day they've been waiting for!

One of the children join mom in the bathtub while dad pours water over mom's belly.

Two of her young girls help fan mom.

Dad holds his daughter on his knee while they both watch mom working hard.

Following in her mom's footsteps (on the way to being a doula!), daughter offers mom something to drink.

The bathroom begins to fill up with children eager to meet the new baby.

He doesn't really understand yet, but he is soon no longer going to be "the baby of the family".

The cool towel and warm touch from the doula are welcome as mom works through transition.

Less than 30 minutes later, mom says, "I need to get out..I have to go to the bathroom!" As she gets out of the tub, the midwife grabs her gloves and the videographer grabs the camera. They both know that it's baby-time!

As mom sits on the toilet, she immediately starts pushing. Dad steps behind mom and support her as she stands and leans against him, and the baby crowns in the second push.

The midwife protects mom's perineum as the baby is fully crowned. Mom's foot is up on the toilet and mom is in a standing-squat supported by her husband.

Here comes the head!

The pressure is intense and mom reaches down as the head emerges.

The head is out, and the midwife checks for a cord. There is one, but it is loose enough she believes it's best to just birth the baby through the cord.

Baby's head rotates to look at mom's left thigh.

Here come the shoulders!

The assistant midwife helps catch the baby.

A healthy baby is born!

And is handed immediately to the waiting mom.

Mom sits back down on the toilet and holds her precious baby.

Mom and dad looks down at their newest family member.

Mom and her little helpers announce to all present that it's a GIRL!

Mom stands, holding her daughter, to go into the bedroom.

Once on the bed, she is encircled by her curious and excited children!

Finally a big brother, he's still mommy's little boy and he loves on the new baby while he nurses.

The placenta slips out into the midwife's hand.

The placenta, still attached to the baby by the umbilical cord, is placed in a bowl and sat next to mom on the bed.

Three of the children take turns cutting the cord.

Baby's first meal.

Baby is bundled up and weighed...

Eight and a half pounds! What a good sized little girl!

PLACENTA PRINTS! They start with a placenta and some sketching paper...and here's how they are made...

The placenta is taken out of the bowl.

The placenta

The placenta is placed on a chux pad with the fetal size up and smoothed and arranged in "tree form".

Once the placenta is places as desired, blood is taken from the bowl and patted over the placenta like ink on a stamp.

A piece of sketch paper is then placed on top of the placenta and gently patted down, making sure to get all of the edges.

The finished product! This must be allowed to can then be left as-is...or painted...or whatever you want to do with it. Several prints are usually made and the best one or two is kept.