Long labor is complicated with a severe bladder infection...ends in a cesarean.

Mom waves over her very pregnant belly, knowing she won't be pregnant much longer. After a hospital transport from an attempted homebirth that was thwarted due to a severe bladder infection, a cesarean has been agreed apon. Mom's fever has climbed to 102.7 degrees, thick meconium is oozing out of the uterus, and her baby's heart tones are a bit too fast. It's time to get the baby out...for mom's safety as well as baby's.

The belly is prepped for the surgery.

The surgeons prepare for the first incision.

And the surgery has begun.

The surgeons pull up and open the incision site.

Both surgeons insert both of their hands into the incision site and pull against each other in attempts to tear open the tissue.

A hand is inserted into the hole in attempts to grab the baby's head.

Reaching in a little deeper...

And with help from the other surgeon pressing on the top of the belly, the head pops out!

Behind the screen, Daddy hears that the baby's head is out, and IMMEDIATELY his head appears above the screen (with the floral mask) to get his first glimpse of his new baby. Since VERY thick meconium had been present, the baby is suctioned immediately, before the rest of the body is pulled out.

The doctor pulls firmly on the baby's head while the other doctor presses on the top of the belly.

The shoulders are pulled free...

...and the rest of the baby follows.
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Daddy is telling mom behind the screen, "It's a girl!"

The baby is handed to the waiting pediatric nurse to take her to the corner of the room to her warmer.

Because of the meconium present, the doctor uses a special instrument to look deep into the baby's throat and lungs to see if she had asperated any of her meconium. Happily for all involved, she had not.

Mom smiles as she looks over at her new baby...while dad strokes the hair back from her face.

A happy dad looks at his daughter with tears in his eyes.

Finally, dad leaves mom and goes over to the warmer to meet his daughter. His are the first ungloved hands this baby has felt as dad immediately begins stroking her head.

With a fever reaching almost 103, and while still on the operating table, mom's face shows that this has not been an easy process. When she was given the epidural for the surgery, enough medication was given that the numbing effect reached her neck. Because of this, both of her arms were numb...but more unnerving, she had the sensation that she was unable to breathe. The anesthesiologist is holding her gown away because she kept complaining that she felt like it was choking her.

Big brother meets his little sister with some confusion. "Is THAT my little sister? Is THAT who was inside mommy?"

Mom's midwife (center) and doula (left) meet the baby with tears of joy...it had been a lot of work and emotions bringing this little one into the world.

Baby is weighed: 8 pounds, 7.6 ounces

Dad brings a digital camera into the recovery room after the repair on mom has been completed to show mom pictures of her daughter that he'd taken in the nursery. Dad kisses mom while she admired her daughter from afar and tells her that she did a good job.

Even though it was a full 60 hours after her membranes had ruptured, her doula never left. Even in the recovery room, the doula spent time massaging her feet...and when mom complained of feeling hot and sweaty, she spent an hour with a cool washcloth wiping away the sweat and smoothing back her hair.

And finally....mom holds her baby for the very first time.

A close up of the incision site with the staples after the surgery. The sore at the upper right is where the drain tube was left in for her uterus.