A "pure" birth in a hospital of a first child. Moms birth plan includes: no vaginal exams unless requested, no episiotomy, no suction after birth, baby is to be blood typed from cord blood (due to an RH incapatability problem), no directed pushing, no forcepts, no fetal monitoring, baby is to be put on mom's chest immediately and mom is to announce the baby's sex.

Mom sits/squats over a towel at home because her amniotic fluid has a slow leak. An hour after this photograph, mom leaves for the hospital with contractions 3 minutes apart. Mom arrives at the hospital in transition.

After an hour and a half of pushing, the baby begins to crown. You get your first peek at the baby's dark hair!

The doctor applies hot compresses and uses some perineal massage to help prevent tearing.

More of the baby's head! Mom is asleep during this photo, and is sleeping up to 5 minutes between pushes.

And the head is out!! Mom uses the squat bar to help support herself while the doctor checks to see if there's a cord around the neck. There isn't..time to push the rest of the baby out!

And a new life enters into the world!

As requested, baby is handed immediately to mom who is elated! Suctioning is not done and the baby is watched to make sure breathing isn't a problem. It isn't...the perineum did its job of squeezing extra fluid out of the baby's lungs.

Mom announces, "It's a girl!" and dad comes over to meet his daughter.

While waiting for the placenta to be birthed, baby happily enjoys her first meal.

What a beautiful baby girl!