These photos are taken from the video Special Women by Injoy Videos (1-800-326-2082). Special thanks to Injoy Videos and Polly Perez for the use of these photos.

A new baby, vernix still tainting the skin white, closes his eyes from the outside world.

3 sets of hands (mom, dad, and doctor) help bring a new baby up to meet Mommy for the first time...

A doula helps comfort a laboring mom with her touch and her words.

Mom uses her doula for strength as support as she works through a contraction.

Penny Simkin (author of The Birth Partner and Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn) speaks soothingly to a laboring mom while dad holds her.

Mom concentrates on relaxing during a contraction while her doula offers her reassurance.

TWINS! Brand new and still covered in protective vernix, they meet Mommy for the first time.

The doula gives this mom someone to focus her comfort with her eye contact and her voice.

A supportive husband standing by to help his wife with anything she might need, while her doula kneels down next to her.

A laboring mother uses the birthball to lean on.

Another mom uses the birthball. She has chosen to sit on it while leaning on the bed. This is a great position if she wants counter pressure on her back...and the doula knows just how to push.

Penny Simkin does the "double hip squeeze" for this mom who's having some back pain with her labor.

A doula is there for the dad, too! This dad gets a reassuring shoulder rub from their doula.

Almost a new big brother..he watches the monitors which show his new sibling's heartbeat.

The doula helps hold the monitor in place while the doctor performs a vaginal exam.

Polly Perez comforts a mom through a difficult contraction.

"You're doing great..." the doula seems to know the right thing to say to help the mom relax and feel secure as she births her baby.

BIRTH! The elation experienced immediately after birth can be felt by everyone.

The joy can be immediate. All that hard work had a purpose...and the purpose is finally here.