PLEASE be aware of the Graphics Rating Scale before viewing any birth.

There are a few things worth mentioning before you dive into the pictorals.
  • Please be patient for the pages to load. Some of the births contain a large number of images, and will take some time to load on a slower connection.
  • The births are numbered for easy reference in each section.
  • The star indicates how graphic the birth is according to our Graphics Rating Scale.
  • If the third column contains a number, that indicates the number of images that birth contains; if an "E" is in that location, the birth is external to the Birth Story Diaries website.
  • Some photos appear "grainy" or "dark". This is because often moms are laboring in almost complete darkness, and this compromises the film quality. If a photo is grainy, then you know she is laboring in the comfort of low light.
  • I can only add birth photos as I receive them. If you'd like to submit photos of your birth, please feel free to do so.

  • I maintain this site on my own time, and pay for this site out of my own pocket. If you like what you see, please take a moment to drop me a line and let us know.

  • Finally, the pictorials are organized in three different ways, accessed via the links below. First, they are divided between type of delivery - vaginal or cesarean. Second, they are broken down by location of delivery, whether at home, a hospital, or in a birthing center. Finally, they are sorted by their Graphics Rating Scale. You will find each birth under multiple indexes depending on how you would like to browse the site.