After being admitted to the hospital 3 weeks early because of high blood pressure and swelling, an induction is attempted. Cevidil is administered, but no cervical change occurs after 24 hours. Even though mom's blood pressure has remained low while in the hospital and her cervix is still not favorable, they attempt an aggressive pitocin induction. This induction causes no cervical change to her unripe cervix. After administering the pitocin, a cesarean is chosen. Faces have been blurred as per mom's request.

Mom takes a quick photograph on her way to the hospital for the induction.

Mom lays quietly in bed, hoping that labor will pick up soon.

Surgery has begun, and the head is being pulled out of Mom's tummy.

The upper body slips out through the incision.

And a new screaming life enters into the world.

It's a girl! And she has lots of vernex covering her because she was born early.

Baby is cleaned up.

The 7 pound 12 ounce baby girl relaxes in the warmer.

Mom finally gets to hold her baby.

A picture that shows mom's extreme swelling of her feet and legs. Swelling postpartum is very common when a lot of fluids are given - manditory when receiving an epidural, and commonly given to compensate for bleeding during a cesarean.