A mom gives birth at home into the hands of the father while their two older children watch.

The midwife arrives and checks mom - 7 centimeters dilated! Won't be long now...

Dad presses on mom's lower back, bringing comfort.

Dad is strong for mom as her belly bulges with a strong contraction.

The boys give mom a well deserved hug for support.

Warm cloths on her bottom feel good as mom begins to push.

Sitting on the toilet, moms connects with dad as they ride through the contractions together.

The midwife checks the baby's heartbeat after mom moves back to the bed to push her baby out.

The baby's head begins to appear.

Mom's hands instinctively reach down to support herself as the pressure builds and it begins to burn. Midwife holds a warm cloth while dads hands prepare to welcome his newest baby.

Baby bulges as it crowns fully.

More support from the midwife as the head begins to emerge. Baby's forehead can now be seen...

Mom and dad help guide baby's head...it's almost out.

The head is out!

Dad catches baby as she slips out into the world.

Dad hands baby immediately to mom....their daughter is finally here.

A thrilled mom and dad marvel at their new creation.

The boys watch on in amazement.

The family is together, as it should be. The boys give lots of kisses to their baby sister and tell her how much they love her.

The placenta is birthed.

Separate from mom, yet still connected to her placenta.

Daddy cuts the umbilical cord.

Daddy holds his daughter for the first time since he handed her over as she was born.

Baby sees the doll that the mom and dad had bought as a "temporary stand in" to help her brothers get used to the idea of her coming into their family. The doll did a remarkable job 'being' the baby and everyone laughs at the similarities.

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