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    25 A midwife gives birth to her first baby in a hospital after laboring at home for the majority of her labor. Mom's membranes rupture during her Bradley childbirth preparation class, about 24 hours before mom feels like labor has progressed enough that it's time to go to the hospital. No internals are performed until mom begins spontaneously pushing, 2 1/2 hours after admission.
    57 A mom has her first baby in a hospital with her husband's support. Mom receives IV pain medication. Includes photos of the placenta being delivered.
    40 A mom has her second baby naturally in a hospital with her husband's support. A leboyer bath is given after the birth. Includes photos of the placenta being delivered.
    30 A mom gives birth naturally to a 10 pound 9 ounce baby in a hospital with her husband's support as well as her first baby. A leboyer bath is given after the birth. Includes photos of the placenta being delivered.
    41 Mom gives birth to her third baby, a breech baby, completely unmedicated and without intervention (no episiotomy, no IV, no forceps, etc). The doctor's face has been blurred as per request.
    27 Attempted homebirth turns to a hospital transport for a bladder infection and ends in a cesarean due to a high fever, thick meconium present, and tachycardia (fast) fetal heart tones. Includes video of birth.
    7 An unmedicated birth. Crowning shots only, no labor photos.
    8 A surrogate mom gives birth with the help of an epidural 45 minutes before the parents can arrive.
    12 A mom gives birth to her first baby in a hospital with her husband's help.
    3 Three pictures of an unmedicated birth.
    16 A mom is induced in the hospital and delivers her posterior baby with the help of an epidural.
    10 A failed induction 3 weeks before the due date ends in a cesarean.
    8 A baby is born in a hospital with an epidural. He comes out with a nuchal hand as well as a nuchal cord.
    8 A mom gives birth to her first baby, a boy, with the help of an epidural and an episiotomy in a hospital.
    44 A baby girl is born at 23 weeks weighing only 1 pound 2 ounces. She loses her fight for life at 2 days of age. Includes pictures after her death as well as funeral pictures.
    7 A planned cesarean: mom lost her first daughter at 8 days of age due to severe genetic problems after an emergency cesarean. She and her doctor decide on a repeat cesarean for this, mom's second daughter, out of mom's for the baby's health after their previous experience.
    14 Mom chooses to have her second baby by elective cesarean at the recommendation of her physician due to the large size of the baby. Mom's first baby was also born by cesarean surgery.
    44 A hospital birth with her husband, a midwife, and doula. A squat bar is used. Includes pictures of the placenta being delivered.
    33 Mom in Korea is diagnosed with placenta previa earlier in the pregnancy. She schedules a cesarean, but a few weeks before the appointment she begins to bleed. A cesarean is performed that day. Epidurals were never mentioned as an option, and mom is put under general anesthesia. The dad (an American) asks for and is allowed to photograph the birth of his son. This birth occured January, 2001. Includes photos of the uterine repair.
    37 Mom, who is also a doula and childbirth educator, attempts a homebirth for her third child after two previous cesareans. After being completely dilated for about 10 hours, a hospital transport occurs and mom has a repeat cesarean.
    10 A "pure birth" of a first baby in a hospital. Only interventions are two vaginal exams which mom requested.
    7 A mom delivers in a hospital with an internal fetal monitor.
    E A mom's 3rd birth, a planned homebirth, transferred due to high blood pressure after about 5 hours of labor. Upon arrival, her blood pressure is below her baseline! It stays normal throughout the birth, but she was already at the hospital so she chose to stay. This is a natural birth in the high risk ward.
    E A mom gives birth to a vaginal breech in the hosital.
    E "Mattox Birth". A vaginal birth of a doula in a hospital.
    E A mom delivers her baby in a hospital with an epidural and the help of a vacuum extractor.
    E FOURTEEN BIRTHS! This is a commercial site, but on this page there are 14 births in photographs for you to flip through. Not all births are graphic, but I'm putting these under graphic births because some of them are.
    E A mom gives birth quickly to her second child in a hospital...almost delivers on the toilet.
    E A Russian birth - interesting to see some of the differences (such as moving to a delivery bed) as well as the similarities.
    E A complete breech birthed vaginally in a hospital.
    E A very medically managed vaginal breech birth.
    E A vaginal delivery of a breech baby...given the very graphic rating for the close up and very extensive episiotomy, the amount of blood, the clarity of the images, and the manner in which the birth was very medicalized (forcepts delivery of the head, etc). No obvious fetal difficulties are shown...this rating was mostly for the episiotomy.
    3 Three pictures of a cesarean delivery.
    13 A hospital birth of a third baby - it's a boy!
    22 A mom has an unmedicated VBAC in the hospital, with her sister acting as her doula.