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    4 Four pictures of a mom's elective cesarean section due to previous cesareans as well as complications.
    21 A hospital delivery of a second child with an epidural. Includes a video of the birth.
    13 A 47 hour unmedicated hospital birth with a doula in attendance.
    16 A mom has an unmedicated delivery of her seventh child in a hospital in Canada.
    19 A doula, expecting her second child, finds out at a prenatal visit with her midwife that she is dilated to 7cm! Nervous, she makes an appointment for her midwife to come to her home that evening and rupture her membranes in attempt to get labor started. It works and mom delivers in her own home in a pool just an hour and a half later!
    11 Attempted induction ended in cesarean birth after 24 hours with no cervical change.
    16 A homebirth with a midwife of a first time mother.
    12 A mom chooses a waterbirth in the comfort of her own home.
    10 A failed induction 3 weeks before the due date ends in a cesarean.
    37 Mom, who is also a doula and childbirth educator, attempts a homebirth for her third child after two previous cesareans. After being completely dilated for about 10 hours, a hospital transport occurs and mom has a repeat cesarean.
    E "Mattox Birth". A vaginal birth of a doula in a hospital.
    E Photos of a birth where the baby is born "in the caul", or born with the membranes still intact. They rupture as the baby's body is being born.
    E Photos of a homebirth in the water.
    E Mom gives birth at home in the water to her second child.
    3 Three pictures of a cesarean delivery.
    3 A homebirth VBAC for a third time mom.