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    7 A home waterbirth with a midwife, who is also the laboring mom's mother, in attendance.
    19 A doula, expecting her second child, finds out at a prenatal visit with her midwife that she is dilated to 7cm! Nervous, she makes an appointment for her midwife to come to her home that evening and rupture her membranes in attempt to get labor started. It works and mom delivers in her own home in a pool just an hour and a half later!
    16 A homebirth with a midwife of a first time mother.
    12 A mom chooses a waterbirth in the comfort of her own home.
    29 A doula chooses to have her baby in the comfort of her home. The baby is born in the caul, a sign in many cultures that the baby will have a blessed life and be blessed with "second sight". An unusual occurance, and yet here it is beautifully photographed.
    44 A doula chooses to give birth for the 3rd time in her home with the help of a direct entry midwife (DEM). Mom's three daughters have the option of attending. The two year old sleeps throughout the birth, but the 5 year old wakes up for a few minutes towards the end of the birth, and again in time to announce the sex! The 14 year old woke up in time to watch her mom begin pushing, and even helped the midwife with some charting! To help them, mom and dad have also hired two doulas as well as invited two of mom's sisters to join them!
    48 Mom, who is also an experienced doula and childbirth educator, gives birth to her 7th baby at home with her entire family, midwife, and several doulas. Placenta prints are done after the birth, and mom tandem nurses!
    20 One of my personally favorite births on my site. A beautiful home waterbirth with a 5th child while 4 older sisters watch on. Beautiful story, beautiful pictures.
    5 A mom gives birth to her first child at home. Only pushing/crowning shots, no pictures labor or after the birth.
    29 A mom has a homebirth for her second child with her family, a midwife, midwife's assistant, and doula helping her. Includes pictures of her belly painting, belly cast, and henna belly tattoo.
    47 A mom has a homebirth VBAC in her bathtub with her two children present. These photos are a combination of photographs and images taken from a video camera. When the video images are in black and white, that's because mom is in almost complete darkness and the "night vision" option is being used on the video camera.
    23 The black and white photos of a homebirth with a midwife. Includes photographs of the placenta delivery.
    18 A mom has her second baby at home on all fours with her husband and the help of a midwife and doula.
    41 A homebirth of a fifth child. Includes pictures of the placenta being delivered, and of older siblings meeting the baby just moments after its arrival. Inlcludes video.
    22 A VERY fast homebirth VBAC waterbirth - this mom's second homebirth VBAC waterbirth.
    5 A home waterbirth, dad cuts the cord.
    E A mom gives birth to her daughter at home in water.
    E Photos of a birth where the baby is born "in the caul", or born with the membranes still intact. They rupture as the baby's body is being born.
    E Photos of a homebirth in the water.
    E Mom gives birth at home in the water to her second child.
    E "Niel's Birth". A vaginal homebirth with big sister in attendance, mom tandem breastfeeds.
    E A beautiful water homebirth - great pictures of the birth as well as placenta and new baby!
    E GORGEOUS pictures of a home waterbirth - daddy catches baby.
    E Homebirth with awesome crowning and birth pictures - celebratory bath is given with flowers to the baby after the birth.
    E Mom gives birth at home kneeling and leaning onto a chair - celebratory bath is given with flowers to the baby after the birth.
    E WOW! A home double footling-breech birth...incredible pictures! A celebratory bath is given with flowers to the baby after the birth.
    E FOURTEEN BIRTHS! This is a commercial site, but on this page there are 14 births in photographs for you to flip through. Not all births are graphic, but I'm putting these under graphic births because some of them are.
    E A twin VBAC at home with the second twin presenting breech! What a treat to see this birth!
    E A footling homebirth of a third baby.
    E A frank breech baby is born vaginally at home.
    E A home waterbirth - baby is born in the caul (although there are no pictures of the baby out while in the caul)
    E One of the most beautiful births I have ever seen posted. This is "the Birth of Grey Forest Walt", an outdoor birth.
    3 A homebirth VBAC for a third time mom.