Mom gives birth to her third baby, a breech baby, completely unmedicated and without intervention (no episiotomy, no IV, no forceps, etc).
The doctor's face has been blurred as per request.

Mom arrives at the hospital and complains about the tiny size of the beds.

Exhausted, dad finds a moment for a quick nap. What a time for him to get the flu.

Mom labors through some final contractions in the shower with the handheld sprayer being directed at her back. She is having a lot of lower back pain.

Mom climbs back into bed for a bit of monitoring.

Baby's heartrate looks great!

Dad wakes up in time to join in and help do some pelvic hip squeezes while mom is on her knees.

After spending some time on all fours, moms midwife (in blue) suggests that mom get out of the bed to remain upright, to help the baby's bottom remain well engaged.

Mom moves to standing next to the bed. She grunts with each contraction, beginning to push. Her back is still causing a lot of pain because not only is this baby breech, but is posterior! But standing and leaning over the bed helps the baby rotate into the anterior position for delivery.

The doctor has a talk with mom, explaining that they might need to break down the bed because sometimes the baby must "dangle" (to help with flexation of the head to help fascilitate birth). Mom says she agrees to that..

The nurse washes meconium away from mom's perineum while mom pushes effectively. It is normal for a breech baby to pass meconium as the bottom becomes exposed to air and the abdomin is squeezed by the birth canal.

Mom pushes with all of her power while they hold a monitor on her belly to check on how baby's doing. Looks good!

Mom bulges with baby as the baby's bottom begins to make its entrance. It's a girl!!

The baby's legs and pelvis are out..and the doctor keeps his hands steady, waiting for the next move.

The doctor gently grabs the baby's belly. A caregiver must be gentle with the baby at this point since his belly is vulnerable to too much pressure by the hands. NOTE: The rest of the birth photos are very close in succession so that you can see the maneuvers and exactly what are involved in birthing a vaginal breech birth!!

The doctor lifts gently up on the baby to help with the birth of the arms.

Rotations helps the arm become free.

And there's the arm we were looking for...

Both arms are now freed.

Now the doctor must check to see if he can get to the baby's chin. The baby's head must remain flexed (chin-to-chest) for the delivery...

Not being able to get a good hold of her chin, the doctor allows the baby's body to "dangle"..a maneuver that helps encourage the baby's head to move into a favorable chin-to-chest position.

The body dangles for a second.

Another good picture showing the baby "dangling". The body must be lowered enough to be effective.

Once again the doctor reached underneith and tries to locate her chin.

A little extra pressure from up top can give an added boost to finding that chin.

Found it! As the doctor finds the baby's chin, he lifts the body up...

Mouth is free...and here comes an ear...

Nose and eyes are out...ear is out..just the crown of the head remains.

And here she is! Born over an intact perineum, no episiotomy or tearing!

In a gush of fluid, she is pulled up...

...and handed immediately to..

...her mom who looks as if she was working so hard she doesn't even realize for a fleeting moment that she's done.

She feels the warm body on her abdomin and immediately grabs her baby and begins to tell her how perfect and beautiful she is. She did it without any interventions...not even an IV!

A beautiful little girl looks up, searching for mom. Her eyes find mommy and lock on her face.

Baby's first meal. Mom had become severely burned by a stove when she was a small child (6 years old) and was left with only one breast...but that doesn't matter to this baby who just loves the one twice as much! (baby would continue to be exclusively nursed with one breast until starting solids. At the time of this birth being posted, this baby was 11 months old and still gets most of her nutrition from mom.)

Baby is finally weighed...8 pounds 11 ounces! Mom's biggest baby yet!

A proud papa holds his first daughter.

A new big brother! Time to meet the newest family member!

She may not have been the first to make him a big brother...but this is the first time he's ever had a SISTER! Welcome to the family, baby!