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    25 Attempted induction ended in cesarean birth before a labor pattern is even reached due to fetal heart tone decelerations. Placenta photos included. Includes video of birth.
    32 A mixture of still photos and images from video. A first time mom arrives at the hospital in labor only to find that her baby is a frank breech. She delivers a healthy baby via cesarean.
    4 Four pictures of a mom's elective cesarean section due to previous cesareans as well as complications.
    11 Attempted induction ended in cesarean birth after 24 hours with no cervical change.
    44 Attempted VBAC/induction ends in a repeat cesarean after 41 hours of induction/labor and baby's heart tones begin decels after every contraction. Cause for decels: true knot in cord. Placenta photos included. Baby is placed for adoption, with the same family that adopted her first baby.
    27 Attempted homebirth turns to a hospital transport for a bladder infection and ends in a cesarean due to a high fever, thick meconium present, and tachycardia (fast) fetal heart tones. Includes video of birth.
    10 A failed induction 3 weeks before the due date ends in a cesarean.
    7 A planned cesarean: mom lost her first daughter at 8 days of age due to severe genetic problems after an emergency cesarean. She and her doctor decide on a repeat cesarean for this, mom's second daughter, out of mom's for the baby's health after their previous experience.
    14 Mom chooses to have her second baby by elective cesarean at the recommendation of her physician due to the large size of the baby. Mom's first baby was also born by cesarean surgery.
    33 Mom in Korea is diagnosed with placenta previa earlier in the pregnancy. She schedules a cesarean, but a few weeks before the appointment she begins to bleed. A cesarean is performed that day. Epidurals were never mentioned as an option, and mom is put under general anesthesia. The dad (an American) asks for and is allowed to photograph the birth of his son. This birth occured January, 2001. Includes photos of the uterine repair.
    37 Mom, who is also a doula and childbirth educator, attempts a homebirth for her third child after two previous cesareans. After being completely dilated for about 10 hours, a hospital transport occurs and mom has a repeat cesarean.
    1 A single photo of a mother's uterus after a cesarean surgery being modelled by the attending surgeon. It is ready to return to her abdomen.
    3 Three pictures of a cesarean delivery.